Thank You For Visiting My New Website

Hi and many thanks for coming in to see my first posting at this brand new blog.

It’s fantastic to make a digital journal such as this one – I’m going to be in a position to put down my views, points, strategies; things like this.

Why am I here?  Because, simply, I’d like a website to complete the above – put down my ideas and plans.  I am studying design specialising in silver jewellery and there is countless places published.

My idea would be to have a place where i’m allowed to put info down and then store it for use later.  I often browse about the web and find locations which hold awesome material which inspire me.  Now I’m going to be storing the material on these pages so I could get back to it later without having to lose it like I may have previously *cough*

I’m glad you came to take a look at the blog.  Any suggestions for me?  tell me!  I’m always trying to find new sites and eager to speak to other, like minded people.

Thanks and all the best, M.

All the best, M.